Q: How can I purchase tickets?


A: Events and Ticketing are listed at www.TOUROFDESTRUCTION.com/tickets You can locate a show in your area and purchase tickets from the “Buy Tickets Now” button. You can also contact the track by phone or visit the venue's box office. 


Q: Do I need to purchase a ticket in advanced or can I buy tickets the day of the show?


A: For many of our events we highly recommend buying your tickets early. Not only does this save you time when entering our event, many times you can save money by doing so. We offer a discount to many of our early ticket buyer. Another great reason for buying tickets early is so you do no get turned away at the door. In the past our events have become standing room and even sell out.


Q: Do I need to purchase a ticket for my infant child who will sit on my lap for the entire show?


A: In most arenas, children 6 and under are admitted free provided they attend with a parent or guardian. Children age 7 and up will require a ticket for all events. Public event laws may vary nationwide and from county to county and some arenas may require all patrons, regardless of age, to have a ticket. Please contact your local arena to confirm their specific policy. As of right now out Hickory Motor Speedway events do require all attendees 2 and above to have a child ticket.


Q: Do you offer any special ticket pricing for large groups?


A: You can obtain group ticket discount information by calling or visit the venue's box office. You can also contact us a tourofdestruction@gmail.com or reach out to the Tour of Destruction on Facebook for more information.


Q: Which personal items/types of bags are allowed into the arena or stadium?


A:  We do not permit outside food or drink inside our venue due to security issues and contracts with local vendors. We also DO NOT permit foldable chairs at many of our events due to space and safety requirements. For more info please contact your local arena or stadium's Customer Relations member regarding their policies. Our shows follow their guidelines regarding items allowed into the complex. If they, by chance, direct you back to us, please review their policies online or ask them about the items in question.


Q: What are the policies for camera use?


A: Still cameras are permitted at all “Tour of Destruction” events, provided that they are non-professional cameras (lenses shorter than six inches) and the photos are intended for personal use only. Small video cameras are also permitted at all our event but only for personal use (no professional video cameras are allowed without permission). Camera policies are different from venue to venue. If you have concerns, please contact us at Tourofdestruction@gmail.com for policy details and photo / film passes. We hope you enjoy the event with your friends and family! When in doubt, leave the camera securely locked in your vehicle.


Unless otherwise indicated, all in-show content is copyrighted by the Tour of Destruction and/or its licensors, all rights reserved. No footage of our events, either still image or video, may be used for any purpose other than personal use without permission. Therefore, reproduction, modification or retransmission in any form by any means for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. We see our fans as a huge part of our growing process, and with this idea in mind we permit you to take & share images you take before, during or after our event. By doing so you permit us to use any of the images as well.


Q: What is the weather policy?


A: Tour of destruction shows are held rain or shine, but safety is always the determining factor. In the event of cancellation/postponement, updated information will be provided at the event when a decision is made regarding altering the planned show. If a cancellation/postponement is made we will  do our best to run our event the following Saturday if possible at a later date of our choosing.


Q: How can I e-mail my comments directly to the producers of Tour of Destruction?


A: You may send your e-mail to Tourofdestruction@gmail.com


Q: Who do I contact regarding a question or comment about the Tour of Destruction?


A: You may contact us directly by email at Tourofdestruction@gmail.com or by mail at Customer Relations, 685 Old Geneva Rd. FL 34732, or by phone at (407) 625-1776. Please include a phone number for quicker contact.


Q: When are your coming to my city/state ?


A: Visit www.Tourofdestruction.com/Tickets to see if any of the shows are coming to a city nearby. New dates are always being so be sure to continue checking back for updates, or follow out social media profiles.


Q: Why isn't MY city on your performance schedule?


A: We try our best to perform at as many tracks as possible over the course of any given year. Due to space limitations & track size it maybe impossible for us to hold an event at a venue near you. For the most up-to-date schedule information, click the Tickets link on the main page. Please note that this site displays confirmed performance dates only -- new cities are being added to our show schedules on a regular basis.


Q: Can we spend time on the track with the drivers?


A: You can get up close and personal with our Tour of destruction Pit Party, FREE OF CHARGE. please visit www.Tourofdestruction.com , choose your city and click "More Info" or reach out to your local venue or us directly.


Q: What can we expect in the Pit Party?       


A: The pit party is a great chance to get up close and personal with the drivers / buses / cars & trucks. You have a change to take photos, sign some of the cars and buses and meet the drivers of our event. Many times of have giveaways, radio station promotions and great photo ops. The pit party is first come first serve and will take place a few hours before the start of each event. At many of our events we offer FREE School bus rides around the track, so be sure to show up early.


Q: Where is the Pit Party located?


A: Depending upon the venue, our Pit Party could be on the track or a nearby location off to the side of the venue. Venue personnel or event staffing can direct you on the day of the show.


Q: What can we do during the time between the Pit Party and show time?


A: As our Pit Party closes, fans of our events head into their seats and enjoy access to the venue amenities such as concessions, local sponsors, possibly viewing practice runs, driver and opening ceremonies.


Q: Do you supply ear protection?


A: Our concessions staff does sell large headset ear protection and disposable ear plugs while supplies last at each event


Q: Will there be any use of Pyrotechnics during the events?


A: It maybe possible, but not guaranteed. Most of our events that do, will start or advertises fireworks as a part of the show. They maybe used during or at the conclusion of our event. 


Q: Can I leave the arena and come back in?


A: Unlike most stadiums or arenas we DO ALLOW re-entry. Once you are inside the venue, be sure to keep your stub/stamped ticket handy! If you wish to leave the event you will be give a stub, ticket or a custom hand stamp. You must then show your stubbed ticket and your re-entry stub or stamp.


Q: How can I purchase souvenirs other than at the event?


A: You can visit our online store at http://www.tourofdestruction.com/shop to purchase Tour of destruction souvenirs and Tour of Destruction merchandise. Some variations and select items maybe be available only at our live event or only online.


Q: Who do I contact regarding a question or comment about Tour of Destruction merchandise?


A: You may contact us directly by emailing us at tourofdestruction@gmail.com


Q: How do I get a job with Tour of Destruction?


A: You can contact us directly at tourofdestruction@gmail.com to see if we have any job openings!


Q: Who is the Tour of Destruction?


A: The Tour of Destruction / The Knights of Destruction are a Family owned and operated business. We are currently the largest Touring “School bus racing / Demolition derby” series. We are dedicated to family entertainment and experiences that gives fans what they want to see, DESTRUCTION!. With sold out shows each year, our brand is rapidly expanding as many other racing series seem to have dropped in viewers and interest. Unlike other brands our production company is solely focused on developing this brand and event to become a new leader in Motor Sports entertainment and an popular alternative to the same old thing.