How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices vary, please visit the event info page for the track you will be attending

Can I buy tickets online?

We offer online tickets for a handful of our shows, just visit the ticket page of our website for more info

Can I buy tickets at the track?

We offer presale tickets at many of our show locations and always sell tickets the day of our event

What methods of payment do you accept?

For online tickets we accept all major credit cards and paypal. We recommend strongly if you are buying tickets at the track to use cash

Do you offer discounts?

Presale & online tickets maybe discounted

Does my child need a ticket?

Ticket pricing age may vary at our events

When do gates open?

Gates open at 5:00pm at all of our events

How long is your event?

Our event is always set to start at 7:30pm and end at 10:00. Times will always vary depending on many uncontrollable factors

What age is your show recommended for?

Our event draws peoples of all ages. We have and will always make our event family friendly.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Please contact the race track for info on parking

Can I bring food and drinks?

please contact the track for more info on what is permitted inside the grandstands

Can I bring a chairs?

Chains are no longer permitted on any grandstand locations. A lawn chair must only be used on grass and to the sides of the Grandstands.


Do you offer refunds?

All tickets are non-refundable. We will not issue refund before, during or after our event.

What type of races do you have at your event?

We design a one of a kind event for each and every one of our tracks. Some shows will offer different events then others. See Event info for more details.

Can I be a part of your event?

If you are 18+ and have a car you can be a part of our event. You must build your car according to our 2013 season rules.

How do I find more information about your event?

More info is listed both on our event info page and our facebook

Who should I contact with questions and comments not listed here?

You can contact show director George "Moe" Knauer at 407 625-1776 9am-5pm