Everything you need to know about this weekends Demolition Derby


Everything you need to know about this weekends Demolition Derby at The Florida State Fair in Tampa.

This weekend at the Florida State Fair, Demolition Derby returns to the historic fairgrounds. This year Florida’s largest fair will double the destruction when we host 2 events over this weekend, both Saturday Night & Sunday afternoon. So whats going on? Here is some news and details about what we have planned.

Saturday Night will be the kick off of the weekend.

Starting at 7pm this Saturday night we will be running full contact race with a Demolition Derby main event. We are bring the wild and crazy flag pole race to the stampede area. This event features an roundabout intersection sure to cause plenty of destruction and carnage. After that we will be setting up the cars for the smashing and crashing of the Demolition Derby. This hour event is sure to be non-stop destruction, you won't want to miss. Saturday night looks to be a great night at the fair and the Demolition Derby is a great way to cap that off!

Sunday afternoon will rap up the festivities and be the last day of destruction. We have 2 Demolition Derbies for the price of one, thats right we will host both a single car & team based Demolition Derby event. If you want car bashing entertainment be sure to attended our Sunday afternoon show. This event is sure to clean up and finish off any running cars from Saturday.

Be sure to get to the arena early and get your seats (the stands will fill up and will become standing room only)

Saturday Night at 7pm (1 hour show) [FREE WITH FAIR ADMISSION]



Sunday Afternoon at 2pm (1 hour show) [FREE WITH FAIR ADMISSION]