It’s been 19 years and counting since the first CRASH-A-RAMA took place at its home track of Orlando Speedworld . This was the start of something wild and crazy that still goes on to this day. This Friday, Black Friday, will be the homecoming of the popular School Bus Figure 8 Race. Returning to its home track where it was first conceived, the School Bus Figure 8 Race is something all fans and drivers look forward to year round. Orlando Speedworld has been longing for the return of the smell of gas, the heat of a burning cars interior and the sound of tires screaming before a car impact. 

This car crashing series takes pride in putting on a great show above anything else. They make each and every show unique in its own way but just as eventful as the last. Each and every year stands are full with fans looking forward to all the destruction and demolition this show has in store. Kicking it off this year will be the return of the stock enduro, which pays out a cool $1,000! After that it will be non-stop crashing and smashing as they unleash the Gauntlet, Jester the monster truck and the front wheel demolition derby cars. 

Not only will it be the return of the school buses, and the biggest demolition derby you will see in Orlando but also coming back is the Boat & Camper Trailer race of DESTRUCTION! You will be glued to your seats while these cars drag real boats and campers around the track. There are two kinds of drivers; those out to win, and those out for chaos and desolation.  During this race the annihilation of trailers and boats end in carnage pillage, it’s something you need to see once in your lifetime.  

So if you’re ready for nonstop action and excitement, CRASH-A-RAMA at Orlando Speedworld is the place to be this Friday night. Fans are welcome to come down early for the Pit Party. Come see Cars, Boats, Camper and School buses get destroyed. 

Friday, November 25th 7:30pm - Gates open at 5:00pm

Tickets: $20 ADULTS / $10 KIDS 6-11 & 5 AND UNDER ARE FREE!

Orlando Speedworld -  19164 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32820



Local Drivers are welcome to be a part of the Destruction!

For more info and rules visit