Tour of Destruction 2015 hits Hickory Motor Speedway

If you have not yet done so, meet the Knights of Destruction this Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway.

They are a group of drivers focused on car crashing races that take pride in putting on a great show above everything else.  They make each and every show unique in its own way but just as eventful as the last.  The Tour of Destruction 2015 hits Hickory Motor Speedway this Saturday night with a night full of car crushing carnage.  For the past few years Hickory Motor Speedway has welcomed this thrill show to huge crowds.  This events growing fan base attends each and every year to satisfy their love for destruction and great American family friendly fun.

School buses may never have been meant to race each other, but that doesn’t stop The Knights of Destruction.  These lean, mean, and long monster machines always get hungry for the finish line as they grind, crash and bash passing and smashing into each other.  Come see the field of buses racing at top speeds in a free for all shootout to the finish.  Two of the most destructive events the tour has to offer is the Boat & Camper Trailer Race and the Demolition Derby.

Stay glued to your seats while these stock car drag full-size boats and campers around the track.  Two different kinds of racers enter this event, those out to win and those out for chaos and desolation.  During this event, the annihilation of trailers and campers end in a carnage pillage. It’s where old boats and campers go to die.  During the Demolition Derby, every driver is out to take out as many other cars as possible.  This metal crushing event promises only one last functional car as the sole winner, the last man standing.  Each of these events leaves the drivers and the audience wanting so much more, and there’s always more.

Returning for a second time is the Gunslinger Monster Truck.  Last year Gunslinger put on a freestyle of mayhem like never seen before and this year he will only be going bigger.  Come see this iconic truck put the pedal to the metal and totally crush the field of cars.  Be sure to come out early to the On-Track pit party with the drivers and get your picture taken with a Monster Jam star.

This show is packed full of so many more wild and crazy events you just have to see for yourself including a huge fireworks display to cap off the evening. Saturday July 25th at Hickory Motor Speedway is the only place to be.  This will truly be your chance to see the biggest show in Hickory Motor Speedway history.  Be sure to grab your tickets now to save money and secure your seats.  This Saturday night is going to go down in history as the single biggest night of destruction in North Carolina.