The Knights of Destruction are back at Kingsport Speedway this Saturday night. This car crashing series takes pride in putting on a great show above everything else. They make each and every show unique in its own way but just as eventful as the last. The Tour of Destruction 2014 hits Kingsport Speedway hard on September 27th. For the past three years this thrill show has hosted record-breaking crowds at tracks all across the east coast. Each and every year stands are full with fans looking forward to all the destruction and demolition this show has in store.

Last year for the first time ever, School buses raced one another around the turns of the Kingsport Speedway. School buses where never meant to be raced like this, but that doesn't stop The Knights of Destruction. These lean, mean, and long monster machines get hungry for the finish line as they grind, crash, and bash passing and smashing into each other. Come see a field of buses racing at top speeds in a free for all shootout on the track. This year the buses will really be banging and colliding with each other in the first every School Bus Demolition Derby.

A Night of Destruction is here to end the Kingsport Speedways 2014 season with a bang! Not only will there be a School bus race and Demolition derby but also a boat & camper trailer race and small car demolition derby. You will be glued to your seats while theses cars drag real boats and campers around the track. There are two kinds of drivers; those out to win, and those out for chaos and desolation.  During this race the annihilation of trailers and boats end in carnage pillage. During the Demolition Derby, each driver is out to take out as many other cars as possible. This metal crushing event promises one last functional car as the sole winner.

If you’re ready for a nonstop action and excitement, Kingsport Speedway is the place to be this Saturday night. Fans are welcome to come down early for the on track Pit Party and School bus rides. Come see School buses get destroyed this Saturday night!!

Saturday, September 27th 7:30pm - Gates open at 5:00pm
Tickets: Adults $20 Kids 6-12 $10 Kids 5 & under are FREE!
Kingsport Speedway - 2961 N John B Dennis Hwy, Kingsport, TN 37660


Local Drivers are welcome to be apart of the Destructions! For more info and rules visit