A Night of Destruction returns to Anderson Motor Speedway

A Night of Destruction returns to Anderson Motor Speedway

Meet the Knights Of Destruction. This car crashing series takes pride in putting on a great show above everything else. They make each and every show unique in its own way but just as eventful as the last. The Tour Of Destruction hits Anderson Motor Speedway hard on May 10th with a night full of destruction and carnage. For the past three years Anderson Motor Speedway has welcomed this thrill show to record-breaking crowds. This event's huge fan base keeps growing because the love for demolition and a good show never stops!

School buses were never meant to race each other but that doesn't stop The Knights Of Destruction. These lean, mean, and long monster machines get hungry for the finish line as they grind, crash, and bash passing and smashing into each other. Come see a field of buses racing at top speeds in a free for all shootout to the finish. Last years School Bus Race ended in a battle between two local college team buses. The Clemson bus VS. The Gamecocks bus battle returns! This year the rematch is on.

The two most destructive events A Night Of Destruction has to offer are the Boat and Camper Trailer Race and the Demolition Derby. Stay glued to your seats while the stock cars drag real boats and campers! There are two kinds of drivers; those out to win, and those out for chaos and desolation.  During this race the annihilation of trailers and campers end in carnage pillage. During the Demolition Derby Each driver is out to take out as many other cars as possible. This metal crushing event promises one last functional car as the sole winner. Each of the two events leaves the drivers and the audience wanting so much more.

Returning this year is Transformers 4 stunt drivers Chris Morena with Tim Chitwood. This year Chitwood will be putting a BMW on two wheels as he attempts to do an entire lap on just two wheels only. Chris Morena has something a bit more dangerous planned for his act. He will be preforming the “Suicide Spiral Death Jump” for the first time ever at Anderson Motor Speedway. This stunt consists of hitting a small pipe ramp at 60mph sending the car rotating and barrel rolling in mid air. Also for the first time ever the Green Mamba Jet Car is coming to Anderson. Brace yourself for this flaming rare event. The Green Mamba is half car-half jet engine ready to ignite and incinerate anything in its path. Come watch this fiery finale while we smolder cars to ashes in just minutes.

The show is full of so many more crazy events you just have to see for yourself. Saturday May 10TH Anderson Motor Speedway is the place to be. This will be your chance to see the biggest night of destruction in Anderson history and also get your hands on tickets for the “MONSTERS OF DESTRUCTION” show. For the first time ever The Knights of Destruction will return in August with a Monster Truck Show.  Get your tickets now online or at the track box office.

Saturday, May 10th 7:30pm - Gates open at 5:00pm
Tickets : Adults $20 Kids 6-12 $10 Kids 5 & under are FREE!
Anderson Motor Speedway - 313 Irby Rd, Williamston, SC 29697
Track Office - (864) 226-5481
For online tickets and event info visit www.TOUROFDESTRUCTION.com