Welcome to the TOUR OF DESTRUCTION 2014

The Tour of Destruction 2014 will have both minor and major changes in the Rules, Regulations and guildlines in order to compete. We will also be placing a points system into some of our major race events. We are looking to bring our show to the next level, but to do so we are going to need everyones help. Cars MUST be cleanly numbered on both drivers and passangers door, or they will not be permitted on the track. Any race consisting of teams are responsible for having every team member have the same color cars.

 Our 2014 events rules will be posted shortly. As a driver you are responable for reading and following each and every event rule before you even think of being apart of our event.

If we see that you are helping to bring our show to the next level we will do our best to reward you.

We hope 2014 is our best year yet!