Next saturday the car-crushing extravaganza that is known as The Night of Destruction returns to Auburndale Speedway. For the second time this year  the Gunslinger monster truck featuring School Bus Figure 8 racing hits the staple winter haven racetrack known as Auburndale Speedway. Auburndale hosts this huge destruction-style thrill show twice a year that packs the house with fans. This show typically runs a wide range of unique and different style races that give fans more entertainment than sport. This type of event focuses on giving race fans something new and different every time it comes to town.

A lot of race fans can agree that one of the main draws to NASCAR is the big wrecks. This event takes stock car racing and blends it with the sport of demolition derby, giving fans all the destruction they have been looking for. With race events like the Boat & Camper Trailer Race, destruction is pretty much guaranteed at all turns. This race event consists of drivers attaching boats and campers to the back of their race cars then battling it out in a shoot out to the checkered flag. It seems to always turn into an obstacle course of excitement. Another big draw is the School Bus Figure 8 race. School buses were never meant to be raced like this, but that does not stop this event from giving the cheering fans what they want: destruction on a big scale. The Florida crowds always seem to find themselves on the edge of their seats waiting for the buses to hit in the figure 8 crossovers. The armered tank called The Gauntlet is also set to return to Auburndale for its first time in the 2013 series. This event is similar to a high-speed police chase, only it’s done on a racetrack with an indestructible van as the target to stop.

It’s not only going to be a full night of wild and crazy races, but the Gunslinger Monster Truck will be putting on another awesome car-crushing freestyle show. Gunslinger is the biggest and best monster truck to come out of Florida. Returning for a second time this year is the 20-year old truck driven by Scott Hartsock who’s ready to bring the outlaw style of destruction he’s known for back to Auburndale for more carnage. If that really isn’t enough, The Green Mamba Jet Car has been set in place to end this Night of Destruction by melting down a pile of cars to just metal shells. If you’re ready for nonstop excitement and destruction, come down early for the Pit Party with Gunslinger. Also, free school bus ride around the track will be given before the event. So If you’re interested in seeing some car crashing and smashing excitement, then Auburndale Speedway is the place to be next Saturday night!

Racing 7:30pm / Gates open 5:00pm

PIT PASS - $30  / RACING PASS - $10

Tickets: Adults $20 Kids 5-12 $10 & Kids 4 and Under FREE!