The CRASH-A-RAMA Series & THE KNIGHTS OF DESTRUCTION are heading back to its home track of Orlando Speedworld on Saturday, May 26th at 8:00pm. The series has been fine tuning its show over the past year and has a brand new exciting event named "The Gauntlet". The Gauntlet is a high speed chase on a race track, think Mad Max. Take one built up armored machine and send it against a group of cars trying to take it out. The cars have 8 minutes to stop it from completing the given laps, but because this machine is built like a tank you might not want to make it angry. This race is an intense event that you will see nowhere else!
This year will also be the return of the RV Demolition Derby, which has not been seen since the filming of spike TV’s Carpolypes, over 7 years ago. Over the past three years The CRASH-A-RAMA Series has been working very hard to give fans a new and exciting experience each and every time. “We have also wanted to give people the most bang for their buck, and seeing as how much everything costs now a-days, instead of upping the prices of our event we have to put more into the show to make it even better" said George "Moe" Knauer the promoter and show runner for The Knights of Destruction (The team behind the CRASH-A-RAMA Series events).
Orlando Speedworld is the home of the biggest and best School Bus Figure 8
Race in the world. No other track competes with Orlando Speedworld's School
Bus Race. The buses are bigger, faster and stronger and put on one hell of a show ever since the first time they rolled onto the track. Everyone should look forward to seeing one of the best racing and biggest destruction you will see this year.
You can also see a handful of your favorite races like the wild & insane boat
and camper trailer race, skicar race, a double flag pole race, a demolition
derby, stunts & so much more.