Johnny Lighting Demolition Derby Car's

Johnny Lightning is a brand of model cars originally produced by Topper Toys, similar to the hugely successful Hot Wheels die cast racing cars. Toy cars have always been a huge part of the american toy industry. Toy cars have been for decades cheap but very collectable. The Johnny Lighting brand has always focused on realistic cars of past and present. They make small replicas of real cars you would see on the roads and streets of america. Hot wheels for years have been more interested in producing concept & unrealistic cars. They do from time to time also make versions of real life cars but lean primarily towards a more imaginative styles. 


Johnny Lightning has for the last year or so produced a few demolition derby versions of cars. We love what they have done and hope they continue. We would love to see some even more detailed and different derby cars to collect and enjoy.

Keep up the good work!