Saturday, June 18th at 8:00pm

Gates at 5:00pm

The Crash-A-Rama Series always puts on a show like no other. A show filled with some of the wildest, craziest races you will ever see. Races that leave the fans and racers filled with adrenaline and wanting more. The buses are back in Orlando as The Crash-A-Rama Series comes back to Orlando Speedworld, home of the largest school bus figure 8 in the world. After two huge shows on the road and being featured on “Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy” The Crash-A-Rama Series returns home for a huge fathers day weekend show. The Crash-A-Rama Series is back home and ready to make a mess.

Some of the races you can expect to experience are The Worlds Largest School Bus Figure 8 Race, The Boat & Camper Trailer Race, The Ski Race, 2 Demolition Derbies, A Stunt by Flying Jimmy Elvis, Fireworks and so much more! The School Bus Figure 8 Race is the kind of rare racing that just has to be seen to believe. Watching these iconic symbols racing around the turns three wide and into the crossover at speeds over 50MPH leaves you cheering you for more. The Boat & Camper Trailer Race is one of the best part of are show. If you are a fan of racing and a fan of destruction then look no further then this race. Imagine what it’s like watching a car slam into the side of a camper and driving straight thru it, or a car pushing a junk boat around the track only to slam it into the wall. The Crash-A-Rama Series Demolition Derbies are metal against metal showstoppers. No one does them the same, they are bigger and more exciting then any around. The Ski Race is out of control racing at its best. Watch as sparks fly! Take your front wheel drive car and turn it into something new. The Flying Jimmy “Elvis” is returning to Orlando Speedworld after recreating the old school “House of Cars” in Indy, Elvis is going big this year but we won’t tell you what his stunt is because its better to keep you guessing. That’s only the beginning of what you can expect to see this fathers day weekend at Orlando Speedworld. We will also be giving away the video game MAYHEM Xbox 360 and PS3, and selling Larry The Cable Guy flags for his Got-R-Done. Each flag is only a $1 and all proceeds benefits his charity, help make a difference!

Come out for an evening of fun that the whole family will enjoy. 

Tickets are $20 for adults; Kids 7-11 are $5 & Kids 6 and under are FREE.

New drivers are always welcome to attend and participate in the CRASH-A-RAMA Series events. If interested in being a part of a CRASH-A-RAMA Series event contact George “Moe” Knauer directly at (407) 625-1776