Start your streaming TV engines


U.S. Xbox 360 owners, start your streaming TV engines. Hulu Plus lands on Xbox Live on Friday, April 29.

That means millions of fans will have access to CRASH-A-RAMA Series content. Thats right! Carpocalypse season 2 will be viewable for free using Hulu Plus on your pc and Xbox 360.

Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE gives you unlimited instant streaming access to current episodes of many popular TV shows from ABC, Comedy Central, Fox, MTV, NBC and more. Enjoy the latest from Modern Family, Jersey Shore, Family Guy, Glee, The Daily Show, and dozens of other popular TV shows. You can also stream hundreds of cinema’s most acclaimed films from the Criterion Collection all in full high definition when available.

Exclusively available for Hulu Plus subscribers for only $7.99/ month with limited advertising. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership required.