CRASH-A-RAMA Series points system

For the first time ever the CRASH-A-RAMA Series will include a points system. Drivers will be given points based on attendance and performance. The point system will be in place for both the trailer race and the demolition derbies. Attendance will reward drivers with 10 points for every Florida event they take part in. The winner of the event will be given 30 points with second place getting 20 and third place given 10 points. Both Auburndale and Orlando Speedworld events will count towards the point system as well as any soon to be announced Florida dates. At the end of the season the points leader will be rewarded with $500 and a championship trophy. After all points are added up at the November 25th Crash-a-rama Series event in Orlando The Demolition Derby champion and the Trailer Race Champion will be rewarded. Points leader will be announced and will be awarded that years points championship during are November event.