CRASH-A-RAMA Series ready for the 2011 season

The All-American Thrill Show is still alive and thriving

Orlando, March 15, 2011: The high-octane CRASH-A-RAMA Series thrill show is ready for the upcoming 2011 season. With the addition of new tracks and new races, third year show runner George “Moe” Knauer says, “This year is going to be the best by far for both fans and drivers”. With the debut of a points system and the exposure from The History Channel’s hit show “Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy” this year is on track to be an exciting one.

A new season of local track racing brings a new season for the CRASH-A-RAMA Series. With a handful of dates in Florida and northern states this year is going to attract more new fans and drivers than any prior year for the series. The addition of a points system our racing events is going to make for bigger car counts and a better show. The point system will be integrated into the demolition derbies and the Boat & Camper Trailer race awarding attendance, putting on the best show and winning.

The CRASH-A-RAMA Series will be exposed to the whole nation when it’s featured during the March 15th episode of “Only in America with Larry The Cable Guy” as Larry gets to know drivers and fans and learns what makes the thrill show such a great American past time. With 4.1 Million viewers tuning in every week to watch, the exposure is going to be a great thing for the event. "Meeting Larry the Cable Guy and getting him to come to our event was a huge thing for us, he is the perfect person to be a part of our great event" George noted.

Florida is home for the CRASH-A-RAMA Series and the Orlando Speedworld show is always great. With a show in Williamston, South Carolina at the famous Anderson Motor Speedway and others event dates in the works, the thrill show is trying to capture the same popularity and following that their Orlando shows has had the last few years. “I’m really looking forward to going to Anderson Motor Speedway, bringing the show to a new track that has never seen the show live is awesome.” George Knauer states.

New drivers are always welcome to attend and even participate in CRASH-A-RAMA series events. If interested in being a part of a CRASH-A-RAMA Series event contact George “Moe” Knauer directly at (407) 625-1776 or visit the CRASH-A-RAMA Series website for event dates and rules.