The CRASH-A-RAMA Series will be Featured on "Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy"

The announcement of Larry the cable guy getting his own show on The History Channel first hit the web over a year ago. It had very mixed reactions as to what the show would be about and if it would be any good. But after the premiere people started to realize the show was about everything it promised. A little insight into the lives of hard working Americans doing things only are country does from NASA to NASCAR. The February 8th premiere of Only In America WITH LARRY THE CABLE GUY delivered 4.1 million total viewers, breaking record ratings for the network.

Each episode uncovers surprising information about America's history from the story of how moonshine-making during Prohibition gave rise to one of America's most celebrated past times - NASCAR racing - to the history of etiquette from Emily Post's heirs in Vermont, complete with a lesson in good manners and on March 15th it will be no exception.

4.1 million viewers including CRASH-A-RAMA Series Fans will be in for a treat on March 15th as Larry The Cable Guy visits Orlando Speedworld during one of are events. Larry interviewed Drivers, Raced around the track, watched the races and hung out with the drivers in the pits after the event. Even with all the rain that came that night, the camera crew hung out with us and was able to get Footage of the trailer race and are famous School Bus Figure 8 race. Set your DVR's For The History Channel at 9pm to enjoy CRASH-A-RAMA Series action In HD!

"Larry Goes Trucking" Airs on The History Channel March 15th @ 9:00pm

Larry showers with a friend at America's biggest truck stop, experiences the danger of fish-mongering and uncovers the mayhem at the demolition derby.