Mayhem 3D For XBOX 360 & PS3

Mayhem is a demoliton derby game with a difference - the distinctive noir comic-book type visuals. Up to eight players will be able to compete to be the last person standing, whilst simultaneously trying to cause as much damage as possible. The game will also feature optional 3D gameplay, that will be compatible with any 3D TV.

Mayham 3D will Be avabile for the XBOX 360 & PS3 on March 29th, 2011 For $39.99



Key Features

• Diverse Environments – Tackle opponents or work on shaving seconds off runs by competing on 20 different levels in five unique arenas

• Four Exciting Game Modes
-- Demolition Derby: an intense contest to be the last one standing
-- Banger Racing: a drag out brawl to land in the pole position
-- Domination: a fight to knock opponents into the dreaded pit
-- Eliminator: a pole position race with a twist - players must cross the finish line at the front of the pack or be eliminated

• Vehicle Customization – Choose from 120 different vehicles in six different classes: Muscle, Sedan, Wagon, Coupe, Truck and Monster Truck

• Mayhem Points - Players can also work to accumulate ‘Mayhem Points’ to unlock new levels, earned each time they smash into an opponent’s vehicle resulting in a loss of parts or even explosions
-- White - damage inflicted
-- Red - damage sustained

• Ramming Speed - Drivers can earn boost from collecting parts knocked off other vehicles filling the boost meter to receive ‘Ramming Speed’

• Bonus Minigame Challenges – Pit Pusher, Duck Shoot, Rear Wrecker, and Part Collector are also encountered throughout to test players’ automotive fortitude

• Optional 3D – Features a 3D gameplay option compatible with any TV