Death Race 2 Contest!

We are giving a copy of Death Race 2 to one lucky CRASH-A-RAMA Series Fan!

All you have to do is Email us why you should be picked. The best response will get a copy of Death Race 2 on dvd and a CRASH-A-RAMA Series Shirt!

Email with the subject "DEATH RACE 2 CONTEST"

Contest ends Jan. 22nd at midnight est. Winner will be posted on Jan. 23rd at noon.

Good Luck!

 Death Race 2 takes place in the very near future, as the United States economy begins to decline and violent crime starts to spiral out of control. To contain the growing criminal population, a vast network of for-profit, private prisons springs up, creating a lawless subculture ruled by gangs, cold-blooded killers and sociopaths. The worst of these prisons is Terminal Island, where inmates fight each other in a highly rated televised death match, where there are no rules, and the winner is the one who survives the gladiator-style, no-holds-barred competition. Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) arrives on the Island to serve his life sentence just as ruthlessly ambitious television personality September Jones evolves the death match into the ultimate reality show – Death Race. A brutal prison yard demolition derby that pits prisoners against each other in steel reinforced, heavily armed vehicles, Death Race offers the winner the ultimate prize: freedom — if he can survive to enjoy it.

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